Installation Is Complete

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager has completed its processing.

One or more of these options may be displayed.

What's New

For individual installations, when you finish the installation process, a document describing new functionality in SOLIDWORKS and its add-in products appears.

For administrative image installations, the document appears on client computers when they complete their installations.

Join the SOLIDWORKS Customer Experience Improvement Program

Performance information is sent to SOLIDWORKS Corporation to help improve the product. The process is transparent and confidential. Select one of the following:
  • Yes, I want to join
  • No, thank you
  • Remind me later
For further information, see the Customer Experience Improvement Program Web site.

Administrative Image Creation Is Complete

When you finish creating the administrative image, you can click Customize Image to run the Administrative Image Option Editor to customize the image.

Click Show me how to install this image on a client. to show instructions on using the Option Editor.

For details about configuring an administrative image using the Option Editor, see Administrative Image Option Editor.

Click Customize Image to start the Administrative Image Option Editor to customize the option settings for this administrative image.
You can start the Option Editor later by double-clicking sldAdminOptionEditor.exe in the SOLIDWORKS Admin folder.