Check for Updates Results

Check for Updates looks for later versions of SOLIDWORKS.

If you have administrator privileges on the machine, you can run Check for Updates manually:
  • In Windows, click Start > SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager > Check for Updates
  • In SOLIDWORKS, click > Check for Updates
Check for Updates is not available on clients installed from administrative images.

Newer Version Available

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager has detected a newer version of SOLIDWORKS products. You can update to a newer version by selecting the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager for that version.

This newer version can download installation files based on the products you specify in the installation. You can share the downloaded files with other users who install using SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

These downloads are only for use by SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.
These options are available:
  • If there are multiple versions available, you can select a version from the list.
  • For details about this version, click Check to see what this upgrade includes.
Clicking Next obtains and runs the selected version of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

No New Downloads Available/Unable To Check for New Versions

SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager has not found a newer version of SOLIDWORKS products, either because you are installing the latest version available or because it could not connect to the SOLIDWORKS site to check.