Uninstall Products

When you select to Remove or Uninstall programs from the Control Panel, this screen displays the SOLIDWORKS products (with version numbers) that can be uninstalled by this version of SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager. You can choose to perform a standard, custom or complete uninstall.

The standard uninstall removes Program Files and Folders of a SOLIDWORKS product. By default, all SOLIDWORKS products for the selected release are specified for a standard uninstall.

A custom uninstall removes one or more of the following items: Program Files and Folders, registry keys and data folders, such as the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox, and files and folders from the original download location.

A complete uninstall removes the install directories, registry keys and data folders.

To uninstall a product:
  1. On the Uninstall screen, ensure that the product is selected.

    If you uninstall all products, the Solidworks Installation Manager is also uninstalled.

  2. Clear the products you do not want to remove.

    If you retain any product, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager is not removed.

  3. Choose whether to perform a custom or complete uninstall.
    1. Click Change in Advanced Options.

      The Advanced Options screen appears. The Program Files and Folders option is checked.

    2. Select one or more options to perform a custom uninstall, or select all options to perform a complete uninstall.
    3. Click Back to Summary.
    4. On the Summary screen, expand Advanced Options to display the uninstall method and entries.
  4. Click Remove Items.
When you click Remove Items, SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager starts removing products immediately.