Mapping Variables to File Properties

The general steps for mapping variables to file properties are the same.

To map variables to file properties:

  1. Create the variable:
    1. Right-click Variable and click New Variable.
    2. Type a Variable name.
    3. Click New Attribute.
    4. Under Selected attribute, select a Block name.
    5. Type an Attribute name.
    6. Type the file extensions to use the variable mapping, separated by commas.
    7. Click OK.
  2. Associate the variable with a control on a data card:
    1. Double-click Cards.
    2. In the Card Editor, open the data card.
    3. Add a control to the card.
    4. In the control's properties pane, select the Variable name you created in step 1.
    5. Set other properties for the control.
    6. Save the card and close the Card Editor.
When the variable value is updated in the file data card, the mapped property value is updated in the file without requiring the user to open and resave the file.