Variable Mapping - Microsoft Office Files

Variables can be mapped to both predefined properties (such as title and subject) and custom named properties found within most office file types.

Changes between Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007

With Microsoft Office 2007, Microsoft has changed the way that properties are stored, and in some cases changed their names.

The Microsoft Office 2007 suite has XML based file formats, typically signified by the addition of the letter x to the file extension. For example, documents that previous versions of Word stored in a binary .doc file, are now stored in a .docx file. The document file properties are now held in XML elements.

Some of the element names are different from the old property names. This means that properties which were transferred using .doc files may not transfer when the same document is stored as a .docx file.

Properties that follow the Office 2003 (.doc) conventions are not always suitable for the newer Office 2007 XML (.docx) based files.

In most cases the properties are obvious, and can be mapped easily; however, it may be necessary to define different mappings for .doc and .docx attributes to continue using the same data card.

Microsoft Office 2007 Format Files

Common Extensions DOCX, DOT, MPPX, PPTX, PUB, VSD, XLSX, XPS
Property Mappings
Block name Attribute name
Summary title, subject, creator, keywords, description, Template, lastModifiedby, revision, TotalTime, lastPrinted, created, modified, Pages, Words, Characters, Application, DocSecurity
DocSummary category, PresentationFormat, Lines, paragraphs, Slides, Notes, HiddenSlides, MMClips, ScaleCrop, Manager, Company, LinksUpToDate
CustomProperty The attribute names are custom defined.

Microsoft Office 2003 Format Files

Common Extensions DOC, DOT, MPP, PPT, PUB, VSD, XLS, XPS
Property Mappings
Block name Attribute name
Summary Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Comments, Template, Last Saved By, Revision Number, Total Editing Time, Last Printed, Created, Last Saved, Page Count, Word Count, Char Count, Application Name, Security.
DocSummary Category, Presentation Target, Bytes, Lines, Paragraphs, Slides, Notes, Hidden Slides, MMClips, ScaleCrop, HeadingPairs, TitlesofParts, Manager, Company, Links Dirty.
CustomProperty The attribute names are custom defined.