Variable Mapping - SOLIDWORKS Files

You can map variables to both predefined properties (such as Title and Author) and custom named properties in SOLIDWORKS files.

If a SOLIDWORKS file contains configurations, the configuration names appear as tabs in the data card. Configuration-specific values are shown in the corresponding tab. The tab labeled refers to the Custom tab of the file's Summary Information.

Managing SOLIDWORKS files and reading and writing of properties in SOLIDWORKS PDM does not require the full SOLIDWORKS application to be installed or running.
Common Extensions SLDPRT, SLDASM, SLDDRW
Property Mappings
Block name Attribute name
Summary Title, Subject, Author, Keywords, Comments
Summary properties are displayed in the @ tab.
  • All

    SW-File Name, SW-Folder Name, SW-Short Date, SW-Long Date, SW-Configuration Name, SW-Author, SW-Keywords, SW-Comments, SW-Title, SW-Subject, SW-Created Date, SW-Last Saved Date, SW-Last Saved By

  • Slddrw

    SW-Sheet Scale, SW-Sheet Format Size, SW-Sheet Name

  • Sldasm

    Assembly type, SW-MassProp-Config-0

The above hidden $PRP properties are read-only
CustomProperty The attribute names are custom defined.

For sldasm and sldprt files:

  • Read-only attributes: Name, BOMPartNumber
  • Read/write attribute: Description, Comment, BOMUserSpecifiedName