Variable Mapping - AutoCAD Files

You can map variables to attributes found within defined blocks (such as title blocks) in AutoCAD files. Values specific to different layouts appear as separate layout tabs in the file data cards.

  • The AutoCAD application does not have to be installed or running to read and write AutoCAD attributes.
  • For drawings with different title block names that use the same property (for example Scale), update the variable with the additional block/attribute mappings. In the variable editor, you can use the wildcard character (*) for matching attribute names.
    You can only have one matching block/attribute found in the file.
  • Use the exact spelling when defining block/attribute names.
  • Remove block/attribute mappings that are not used in files.
Common Extensions DWG, DXF
Property Mappings The block names and attributes are custom defined.

Variable Mapping for AutoCAD Example: Mapping to a Drawing Title Block

To map to a drawing title block:

  1. In AutoCAD, identify the block and attribute name (tag) used in the drawing title block.
  2. In the Administration tool, create a variable named Drawing number.
  3. Click New Attribute.
  4. Under Selected attribute:
    1. For Block name, select Title_1.
    2. For Attribute name, type Draw_No.
    3. Type the AutoCAD file extensions that contain this block, separated by commas.

      For example, use the following file extensions: dwg, dxf.

  5. Click OK.
  6. In the Card Editor, open the AutoCAD file data card.
  7. Add an edit box and select the new Drawing number variable as the Variable name.
  8. Save the card and close the Card Editor.
When a user adds a drawing to the vault, the .dwg file data card displays the title block information found in the file. Multiple layouts contained in a drawing appear as tabs in the file data card, with values specific to each layout.